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Tide-Eliminator Mooring Ring

Tide-Eliminator Mooring Ring
Prices starting at: $98.00

Tide-Eliminator solves the biggest single problem with mooring a boat to pilings where ocean tides rise and fall from a few feet to dozens of feet. Often there is the need to constantly readjust your lines since during low tide, the lines stretch tight and could possible tear out your boat cleats. And at high tide, the lines get too slack and allow your boat to bang against the downwind pilings. With tidal changes occurring every six hours, it can be a real pain to deal with.


The Tide-Eliminator floats on the surface, around your mooring pilings which then rises and falls with any tidal change, large or small. Simply place the Tide-Eliminator over, or around your mooring pilings, center your boat between your port and starboard pilings with your lines and you’re done! Never need to adjust those lines again. And your boat will never bang against the down wind piling, no matter how large the tidal change may be.

Tide-Eliminator is an extremely portable yacht or boat accessory. Take it with you for trouble free mooring anywhere.


Tide-Eliminator can even be used where there is a dock or other structure attached to the top of the pilings. Simply open the stainless steel shackle and the Tide-Eliminator can be placed around the piling, then closed back and secured with the stainless steel shackle.


Cost Lowest Cost $98 each Very High Cost $350 to $590 each High Cost $250 to $300 each
Large Tidal Changes? Yes, works with virtually all tides and pilings May not, due to insufficient piling height Not likely, due to insufficient piling heights since they ride high
Easily Portable? Yes, very Not at all, complex installation Yes
Works With Dock Attached Pilings? Yes, almost always Probably, depends on dock layout Usually not. Requires pilings to extend above dock surface which may still interfere.

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